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Alchemy of a Rose - Cynthia Cathcart

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Cynthia Cathcart, harp
John Emrich, Drums, Udu, Marimba and Percussion
Mike Scott,
The Great Highland Bagpipes
Tim Whittemore, Didjuridu
Eric Cathcart,
Bodrhrans, Flutes and Whistles
Alex and Brian Cathcart, Children's Laughter

"Alchemy of a Rose" by Cynthia Cathcart is a watershed album of wire harp music that really shows how amazing the wire harp can sound. A seemingly extinct instrument since the end of the 18th century, the wire harp, or clarsach, has been making a steady comeback over the past two decades thanks to historical research and the handiwork of dedicated craftspeople. Cynthia Cathcart discovered her love for the instrument when she was given one that had been owned by a dear friend who had passed away. In the liner notes to the CD, she says that both she and the wire harp really chose each other. Her passion for the instrument and its place in Scottish and Irish music comes through in every track on the CD. Cynthia doesn't bury her harps in over-production, but rather lets them speak for themselves in a sometimes haunting, sometimes playful way. In fact, after buying her CD, I dusted off my own harp and found myself playing along. My favorite track is the Brian Boru March.
This will be the CD that brings the wire harp into the 21st Century.
— Charley Montroll

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1. Miss Proud's Reel
Harp (The Rose)
2. Sir John Fenwick is the Flower of Them All
Harp (The Kilcoy)
3. Seaforth Highlanders/Lord Seaforth's
    Strathspey/Lord MacDonald's Reel
Harp (The Kilcoy)
4. Mist Covered Mountains
Harp (The Rose)
5. I Love My Jean 
Harp (The Rose)
6. They Stole My Wife Last Night/Pease Strae/
    The Prince's Welcome into Inverness
Harp (The Rose)
7. An Elegy on Rob Roy McGregor 
8. The Chanter's Tune
Harp (The Rose)
9. Blair Athole
Harp (The Rose)
10. Glenlivet
Harp (The Rose and The Kilcoy); Bodhran;
     Alto Flute; Udu
11. A Lament for Her Husband and Child
Harp (The Kinnellan)
12. Lachlann Dubh
Harp (The Kinnellan)
13. Ferintosh (An Ṭiseachd)/The Bedding of the
      Bride (Bean na bàinnse)/Off She Goes
Harp (The Rose)
14. The Top of Ben Lomond
Harp (The Rose)
15. New Claret
Harp (The Rose and The Kilcoy); Irish Whistle
16. Doctor Ross's 50th Welcome to the
      Argyllshire Gathering
The Great Highland Bagpipes
17. Brian Boru
Harp (The Kinnellan); Didjuridu; Drum
18. Edward Corcoran/
      Mrs. Crawford of Donside
Harp (The Rose)
19. The Banks o' Clyde
Harp (The Rose)

The Kilcoy, The Kinnellan and The Rose refer to the three Ardival Harps used in this recording.