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Wind and Wood A Sylvan Dance - Celtic Muse

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   Celtic Muse serendipitously came into being at a Renaissance theme wedding in 1995. Since that time, Jennifer and Valerie have carried their love of harps and traditional music out into the world, like small ripples ever broadening to span a limitless pond. Wind and Wood is their first collaborative recording.

Valerie Klemetti Blessley's love of playing music began with learning the flute as a child. She has studied the harp with David Harper, in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Marion Fouse in Portland, Oregon. She currently plays harp, flute, recorder, pennywhistle, and kantele. A degreed visual artist, Valerie assists in making harps when she's not playing them. She has also published a book of harp music entitled, Songs I Can Play.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter communicates her deep love of her instrument and music with her hands, searching to define and transcend human experience. She has played harp for fifteen years, and is an avid music arranger. Jennifer also plays recorders, and is exploring composing. 1998 brought her debut harp release, Ancient Realms, a magical journey to times of old.

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1. Planxty George Brabazon
T. O'Carolan: Harp Duo
2. Arran Boat Song
Traditional Scottish: Flute; Harp
3. The Kilbarchan Weaver
A. Kinnaird: Harp Duo
4. Scarborough Fair
Traditional English: Harp; Flute
5. Sumer Is Icumen In 
Traditional English: Harp; Recorder
6. Baber's Waltz
V.K. Blessley: Harp Solo
7. Wind and Wood A Sylvan Dance 
J. Pratt-Walter: Flute; Harp; Kantele; Recorder
8. Man From Dunmoore & Brian Boru
Traditional Irish: Flute; Harp Duo
 9. The Delightful Spring Day
Reuben Correa: Harp Duo
10. The Water is Wide
Traditional American: Harp Solo
11. The Flowers of Edinburgh
Traditional Scottish: Harp; Recorder
12. Fear A' Bhata
Traditional Scottish: Harp; Recorder
13. March of King Laois
Traditional Irish: Flute; Harp
14. She Moved Through the Fair
Traditional Irish: Flute; Harp
15. Butterfly Jig
Traditional Irish: Flute; Harp