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The Trees, They Do Grow High - The Glenwood Duo

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   The Glenwood Duo was formed in 1991, when Judy Sullivan and Paul Hicks met and married. They were not aware of any music written for classical guitar and harp, but thought the combination would have a nice sound so they began to search for music they could play together. Paul had written some guitar duos which adapted perfectly for harp and guitar. After the duos, they tried some Irish music, and then some Renaissance, Classical, and Spanish pieces. This CD is the result of that search and is their first offering of recorded music.
   In 1996 Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer. As anyone who has been through this knows, it turns your life upside down. They were very thankful for the support of the American Cancer Society. True to their motto Hope, Progress and Answers they were a good source of refuge for them during this ordeal.
   Judy is now a breast cancer survivor. They were glad to have the American Cancer Society there during their time of crisis and now they are excited to be able to help by donating part of the proceeds from this CD.

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1. Streams
Paul Hicks
2. The Trees, They Do Grow High
Anonymous; based on an arr. by David Walbert
3. Simple Gifts, Sunrise
Sunrise; Hicks
4. Sedona
Paul Hicks
5. Grimstock, O'er The Hills - A New Irish Tune
6. Espagnaleta

7. La Volta

  8. Tarlton's Resurrection
  9. Fantasia
Francesco de Milano
10. Quarrell With The Landlady
Based on an arr. by Sylvia Woods
11. Fanny Poer
O'Carolan; based on an arr. by Derek Bell
12. Rondo
Ferdinand Carulli
13. Drewerie's Accord
14. L'Encouragement
Fernando Sor