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Sean's Dance

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Jennifer Grady,
Karen Almquist, harp

We would like to dedicate this recording to our children
Nicholas, Molly, Sean, Aaron and Elsa,
who have filled our lives with joy and are an inspiration for our music.
They have stretched us in ways we have never imagined possible
and caused us to grow as parents, individuals and musicians.
Our children have taught us what it means to love
and have given us a very special glimpse of life through a child's eyes,
a vision simple and pure.
They have taken us to many mountain peaks
as well as some very deep valleys,
but through it all we embrace them and are blessed.
Sean's Dance was written by Jennifer in honor of her son Sean
who has Down Syndrome and is also hearing impaired.

Karen Almquist, Soprano (Track 16); Jennifer Grady, Keyboard (Tracks 10 & 15);
Andrea Niemiec, Double Bass (Tracks 5, 7, 10, 14 & 15);
Terry Ostergaard, Bodhran (Tracks 7 & 13) and  Tambourine & Finger Cymbals (Track 5).

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 1. Papillon
— Lψvland
2. The King of the Fairies
Traditional (Ireland)
3. Danny Boy
— Traditional (Ireland) arr. Coulter & Galway
 4. Cantoluna
— Lψvland
 5. Brian Boru's March
— Traditional (Ireland)
 6. Ashokan Farewell
— Ungar
7. Lannigan's Ball/The Kerry Dances
— Traditional arr. Gallagher
 8. Sweet Molly's Lament
— Grady
  9. Caoineadh Luimni
Traditional (Ireland)
10. Soaring
— Grady
11. The Battle of Kinsale
— Coulter
12. Lament for the Wild Geese
— Coulter
13. Belfast Hornpipe
— Traditional (Ireland) transcribed Galway
14. The Level Plain (Magh Seola)
— Fahy
15. Sean's Dance
— Grady
16. A Gaelic Blessing
— Rutter