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Solely Holư No. 1

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 Jamie Gossett, harp
Mary Brigid Roman,
Judy Sullivan, harp
Michael Corzine, organ

Selected Works of Alfred Holư

The first in a planned series of recordings of Alfred Holư's music. Caught between Romanticism and Post-Romanticism, Holư's compositions exhibit the influence of each genre. He was neither an innovator nor a formalist, but a superb artist-craftsman whose work can be defined by its broad lyric content. Writing what can be undeniably described as some of the most beautiful music composed for the harp, his undulating lines and soaring melodies often create the illusion of the harp as a legato instrument.

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Opus 33, Miniatures
   1. In memoriam
   2. Intermezzo
   3. Round Dance
   4. Evening Song
   5. Scherzetto

   6. Opus 17A, Elegy

Opus 12, Three Little Pieces
   7. Nocturne
   8. Serenade
   9. Melody

   10. Opus 11, Impromptu

Opus 7, Three Recital Pieces
   11. Arabesque
   12. Autumn Song
   13. Spanish Dance

   14. Opus 12, No. 1, Nocturne

   15. Opus 17B, Elegy

Jamie Gossett: Tracks 11, 12, 13
Mary Brigid Roman: Tracks 1 thru 9, 14, 15
Judy Sullivan: Track 10
Michael Corzine: Tracks 14, 15