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The Three Musics - Jo Morrison

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   Celtic harpers of old played the three musics: the music of mirth, the music of sorrow, and the music of sleep. Celtic music is a rich tapestry of these musics, and selections of each are presented here.

Jo Morrison finds the freshness and grace that first gave Celtic music its power.
— Pamela Murray Winters, music critic

Guest Artists:
Cathy Alles,
Flute (Tracks 1 & 16); Bobby Read, Clarinet (Track 10);
Paula Glendinning, Great Highland Bagpipe (Track 13); Fred Lieder, Cello (Track 2);
Walt Michael, Hammered Dulcimer (Tracks 2 & 14); Wayne Morrison, Shuttle Pipes (Track 8);
Sue Richards, Celtic Harp (Track 9); Bonnie Rideout, Fiddle & Viola (Tracks 4 & 12);
Rick Schmidt, Cello Tracks (6 & 16).

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1. Inverary Castle/East Neuk of Fife
Flute; Harp
2. Fanny Poer
Cello; Hammered Dulcimer; Harp
3. Chiorsdain's Lullaby
4. The Return of the Stone/The Shepherd's
     Crook/The Dogs
Fiddle; Harp
5. Sleep Sound in da Morning 
Double-strung Harp
6. Clergy's Lamentation
Cello; Harp
7. Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque/
     The March of King Laois 
8. Mermaid's Song/Lochaber No More
Harp; Shuttle Pipes
 9. Bonawe Highlanders/'S Ann An Ile/
10. They Stole My Wife Last Night
Harp; Clarinet
11. The Rights of Man
12. O' A' the Airts
Harp; Viola
13. North Brig of Edinburgh/The Goat and the
     Mare/The Old Wife of the Milldust
Great Highland Bagpipe; Harp
14. Da Slockit Light
Hammered Dulcimer; Harp
15. Kid on the Mountain
16. The Three Musics
Cello, Flute; Harp

Total Playing Time: 64 Minutes