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A Waulking Tour of Scotland - Jo Morrison

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You are invited on a musical journey of Scotland, from the present to
the past, with several stops along the way.

   A Waulking Tour of Scotland takes listeners on a musical excursion, featuring many styles of Scottish music. Waulking the cloth, work usually done by women, would soften tweed and prepare it for wearing. People would gather around a table and waulk the cloth, pounding it on the table over the course of several hours. Work songs were sung to pass the time and urge the workers on. These songs capture the essence of Scottish life in their words and music, and are used as the mile-stones on this musical journey.

Guest Artists:
Cathy Alles
, Flute (Track 17); Karen Ashbrook, Whistle (Track 18); Myron Bretholz, Bodhran (Tracks 2 & 6);
Maggie Carchrie, Vocals (Track 5); Cynthia Cathcart, Wire-strung Harp (Track 12);
Heidi Gerber, Vocals (Tracks 8 & 13), Chorus Vocals; Paula Glendinning, Great Highland Bagpipe (Tracks 1 & 20);
Walt Michael, Hammered Dulcimer (Track 4); Wayne Morrison, Shuttle Pipe (Tracks 6 & 10), Vocals (Tracks 2 & 17);
Wendy Morrison, Concertina (Track 8); Lisa Moscatiello, Vocals (Track 19); Bonnie Rideout, Fiddle (Track 15);
Pamela Murray Winters, Chorus Vocals
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1. Arniston Castle/Rejected Suitor
— Great Highland Bagpipe; Harp
2. 'S Fliuch an Oidhche
Bodhran; Harp; Voice and Chorus
3. Lament for Ravenscraig
4. Crags of Stirling/Stirling Castle/
     Reel Stirling
Hammered Dulcimer; Harp
5. Oran Mu'n Ghruagaich
Voice and Chorus
6. Colin's Cattle/The Lapwing/
     Shoals of Herring
Bodhran; Harp; Shuttle Pipe
7. O'er the Bows to Ballindalloch/
     Nellie's Strathspey/Devil in the Kitchen/
     Inverness Rant/The Market Place
     of Inverness/Piper's Bonnet
8. Da Full-Rigged Ship/Bressay Lullaby
Concertina; Harp; Voice
9. Huntingtone Castle/Atholl Cummers/
    Brig o' Perth
10. Ghost of Elgin
Harp; Shuttle Pipe; Voice
11. Hθ Mannd' Thu
Harp; Voice and Chorus
12. Skye Boat Song/Coolin Hills
Harp; Wire-strung Harp
13. Seallaibh Curaigh Eςghainn
14. Arran Boat Song/Fear a' Bhΰta
15. The Man from Skye/Crossing the Minch
Fiddle; Harp
16. Banks of Lochiel
17. My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
Flute; Harp; Voice
18. 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh/Arthur's Seat/
      Highland Whiskey/Flowers of Edinburgh
Harp; Whistle
19. Ho Ro Hug O Hug O
Voice and Chorus
20. Beloved Scotland
Great Highland Bagpipe; Harp

Total Playing Time: 73 Minutes