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Ancient Realms - Jennifer Pratt-Walter

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   Slip through the veil of time to the haunting strains of the Celtic harp.
Experience the magic realms of the Celtic lands, Medieval Europe, and Ancient Greece with
music that is delightfully intimate, soulful, and deeply touching.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter is an accomplished musician on several folk instruments, but Celtic Harp is her true love and life's quest. Jennifer's music reflects her love of poetry, folk dancing, gardening and living harmoniously with the rhythms of the seasons. She studied harp with the respected Marion Fouse, Portland Oregon. Jennifer plays with the recorder consort Merry Meet, and performs widely in the ensemble Celtic Muse.

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1. Inscription of Seikilos/Saltarello
Ancient Greek/Anonymous Italian
2. Lament for Hector the Hero
J. Scott Skinner
3. Loch Tay Boat Song
Traditional Scottish
4. Merch Megan
Traditional Welsh
5. My Roving Galway Boy 
Traditional Irish
6. Slängpolska frôn Smôland
Traditional Swedish
7. The Castle of Dromore 
Traditional Irish
 8. Au Renouvel du Tens
Anonymous Medieval French
 9. I Would Be With You
J. Pratt-Walter
10. Nobilis Humilis
11. Kiss Me Quick, Me Mither's Coming
Traditional Scottish
12. Galician Waltz
Traditional Galician
13. All Through The Night
Traditional Welsh
14. Hymnus ad Gallicinium
Fourth Century Italian