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ANOTHER WORLD Monika Stadler

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Mostly Monika Stadler originals, with one track by Paul Kont and one by Sonny Rollins.
 Monika's compositions have their roots in folk, Latin jazz, classical traditions
and improvisations.

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1. Kolibri (Hummingbird)
Monika Stadler
2. I Look at the Candle
Monika Stadler
3. Meditation
Monika Stadler
4. Folksong
Paul Kont
5. Questions
Monika Stadler
  6. Moving From Within
Monika Stadler
  7. Walking
Monika Stadler
  8. Open Land
Monika Stadler
  9. Deep Inside
Monika Stadler
10. St. Thomas
Sonny Rollins