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Monika Stadler's latest release.
"The originals she plays — always inspired by fellow beings or nature — are earwigs. Listening to such dreamy sounds, to such harmony of strings, your heart simply has to warm..."
— Freie Presse, Schwarzenberg
Monika Stadler,  Harp, Vocals
Jon Sass,
Reinhard Ziegerhofer,
Acoustic Bass, Sounds
Franz Schmuck,
Percussion, Sounds, Vocals
Daniel Tschida,
Indian Flute

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1. No One Can Stop Me Now
Harp; Prepared Harp; Indian Madal;
    Talking Drum; Shaker; Claves
2. Traumend (Dreaming)
Harp; Acoustic Bass
3. Everything Will Be All Right
Harp; Bassdrum; Congas; Cymbal
4. Inside
Harp; Vocals; Acoustic Bass; Congas; Cymbals
5. Good Bye My Love, I Wish You Well
Harp; Acoustic Bass
6. Scandinavia
Harp; Vocals; Acoustic Bass; Cymbals;
    Dry Leaves; Clapsticks; Rainstick
7. Die Birke (Koivu)
Harp; Sounds
  8. Wohin? (Where to Go?)
Harp; Acoustic Bass
  9. Nachtwind
Harp; Indian Flute
10. Frόhling (Springtime)
Harp; Vocals; Tuba; Cymbal; Darabukka;
11. Hamabe No Uta (Beach Song)
12. Gemma's An (Let's Get Started)
— Harp; Vocals; Congas; Darabukka; Triangle
13. Japanese Diary
14. Beginning
Harp; Tuba; Cymbal; Springdrum; Claves

Tracks 1-5, 7-10 & 14 composed by: Monika Stadler
Tracks 6 & 12 composed by Monika Stadler, arranged by M. Stadler and G. Ludvik
Track 11 composed by Narita Tamezo, arranged by M. Stadler
Track 13 is a traditional tune arranged by M. Stadler