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"With my music I would like to create a counterbalance to our hectic, impersonal, matter-of-fact techno-world so alienated from nature. My music is very personal, an expression of my soul, my spirituality, my femininity. It is an expression of inner and outer moods, processes, experiences, encounters a kind of inner diary. It springs from being alive, from flowing and feeling. Improvisation and feelings are the seeds from which most of my compositions grow. More and more, I integrate my singing voice and other instruments into my compositions, in order to increase the expressiveness and richness of the sound."
Monika Stadler
Monika Stadler,  Harp, Vocals
Reinhard Ziegerhofer,
Acoustic Bass
Franz Schmuck,
Percussion, Vocals
Georg Ludvik,

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1. Maho Bay
Harp; Indian Gatham; Acoustic Bass
2. After All
Vocals; Harp
3. Travelling (On the Road)
Harp; Bassdrum; Congas; Cymbal
4. Coming Home
Harp; Acoustic Bass
5. Farewell
Vocals; Harp; Cymbals; Bassdrum
6. Spirits
  7. I-Ma-Mai/Song for the Earth
Harp; Indian Madal; Natural Sounds; Vocals
  8. Urquell (Fountainhead)
  9. Indian Sunrise
Harp; Cymbal; Framedrum; Vocals;
     Acoustic Bass
10. Without You
Harp; Cello; Acoustic Bass
11. Rondo Naningo
Harp; Cajon; Darabukka

Tracks 1-10 composed by: Monika Stadler
Track 11 composed by Deborah Henson-Conant