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The Blossom and the Rain - Carol Thompson

$14.95 - OUT OF STOCK

"Thompson's command of the harp and her confidence in playing Celtic music are unmatched...
her playing is full, measured, and beautiful."
— Dirty Linen

Carol Thompson offers selections that show a deep understanding and love for the Celtic musical tradition. Born in America of Anglo-Welsh-Irish background, Carol Thompson began studying classical harp at age 13 with Dorothy Knauss, a student of Alfred Holý. Years of study of the Neo-Celtic, pedal and triple harps gives Carol a special feel for the music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales that few possess. This understanding transmits a universal connection to these traditional tunes which is uplifting and refreshing. Carol's well-known mastery of the Celtic Harp is evident in her performances of the airs, dances, and laments on this recording.

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1. The Atholl Highlanders (march)
Traditional Scottish
2. The Foggy Dew (slow air)
Traditional Irish
3. The Wild Rose of the Mountain (waltz)
Traditional Irish
4. The Snowy-Breasted Pearl (slow air)
Traditional Irish
5. Watching the Wheat (slow air)
Traditional Welsh
6. Southwind (waltz)
Traditional Irish
7. Caoineadh Eoin Rua
    [Lament for Owen Rua] (air)
Traditional Irish
8. The Blossom and the Rain (waltz)
B. Peters
9. Cornish Dance (flowing air)
Traditional Cornish
10. Celtic Wedding March
Traditional Irish
11. Emer's Farewell to Cuchullain,
    or Derry Air
12. Scott's Lamentation (fast lament)
Traditional Irish (D. Hempson)
13. The Musical Priest
    (reel played as a flowing air)
Traditional Irish
14. Pull Down the Shade (waltz)
Traditional Irish
15. Down by the Salley Gardens (slow air)
Traditional Irish
16. Tobin's Favorite (treble jig)
Traditional Irish
17. Eileen A Roon
Traditional Irish
18. Eiliónir a Rúin
Traditional Irish (var. by C. Lyons)
19. An Chuilfhoinn [The Coolin] (slow air)
Traditional Irish
20. Caílin Ó Chois tSiúre Mé
      [I Am a Girl from the Siurside (slow air)
Traditional Irish
21. Lament for Staker Wallace
Traditional Irish Lament

All notes by Darcy Fair