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Carolan's Welcome - Carol Thompson

$14.95 - OUT OF STOCK

Carol Thompson and Friends
Carol Thompson
, Neo-Celtic Harp, Triple Harp; Billy McComiskey, Button Accordion, Concertina;
Jack Coen, Wooden Flute; Darcy Fair, Harp

The music on this recording is drawn primarily from the realm loosely termed "traditional Irish music" (with a few Scots and Shetland tunes thrown in for spice). Traditional Irish music can only be a rough term because it encompasses the sum of centuries of Ireland's cultural experience rather than a single style or period of history. The ":tradition" ranges from the heritage of the ancient harpers to the dance music genre that spans the last three centuries, give or take a decade or two. As it is played today, Irish music incorporates all the different strands of the tradition, but remains a highly ornamented repertoire in which melody is the key. Inappropriate application of harmony to a tune, and a misguided attempt to "refine" this music and make it more like "art music" only muddies the melody, detracting from it and leaving the ear with an impression of over-arranged mush. The power and beauty of traditional Irish music lies "in the tune itself," the pure melody, and the performer's skill, wit, soulfulness and sense of oneness with the heart of the music. 

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1. Da Day Dawn (slow air)
— (Anon. Scottish) - Triple Harp
2. She Moves Through the Fair (song)
Triple Harp
3. The Wild Geese (slow air)
(After the playing of Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin)
 — Neo-Celtic Harp
4. The Blossom of the Raspberry (slow air)
Neo-Celtic Harp
5. Continental Waltz in D Major
Neo-Celtic Harp
6. Gentle Annie (slow air)
Neo-Celtic Harp
7. Continental Waltz in G Major
Neo-Celtic Harp
8. The Drunken Gauger (set dance)
Neo-Celtic Harp
9. Carolan's Welcome (air)
Neo-Celtic Harp
10. Jimmy's Return (reel)
Neo-Celtic Harp
11. The Three Captain's (set dance)
(J. O'Neill) - Neo-Celtic Harp
12. Home Ruler (hornpipe)
Neo-Celtic Harp
13. Sean's Continental Waltz No. 1
Neo-Celtic Harp
14. Sean's Continental Waltz No. 2
Neo-Celtic Harp
15. The Burdened Old Man (jig)

16. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music (slow air)
Triple Harp
17. Lagan Love (slow air)
(After an arrangement by Hamilton Harty)
— Neo-Celtic Harp
18. Black Rosebud (slow air)
Triple Harp
19. An Phaidir (song)
Neo-Celtic Harp
20. Snow on the Hills (reel)

21. Carolan's Farewell to Music (slow air)
(After the playing of Máire Nî Cathasaigh)
— Neo-Celtic Harp