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The Enchanted Isles - Carol Thompson

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Harp Music of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales

The tunes chosen for this album include traditional pieces both anonymous and by composers whose names are known. Among them are some of the loveliest melodies of the British Isles, many of them notable for their richly Celtic flavor. When rendered on the harp, they reveal a wealth of unforgettable qualities: here a resonance of windswept grandeur, there a strain lilting with a haunting lyricism and elsewhere still, a magical shimmer of earthy humor. The harp, with its tones floating into the stillness of space, gives voice to a primal poetry. It is the perfect bringer of enchantment from the isles.

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1. Women of Ireland
S. O'Reada - Neo-Celtic Harp
2. Brian Boru's March
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
3. Father Brian Mac Dermot Roe
Turlough O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
4. Lord Inchiquin
T. O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
5. Miss Hamilton
Cornelius Lyons - Neo-Celtic Harp
6. Lord Mayo
David Murphy - Neo-Celtic Harp
7. Planxty Murphy
T. O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
8. Irish Lullaby
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
9. Hugh O'Donnell
T. O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
10. Jenny
Thomas d'Urfey - Neo-Celtic Harp
11. Joy to the Person of My Love
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
12. Over the Hills and Far Away
T. d'Urfey, arr. L. Lipkis - Neo-Celtic Harp
13. The Irish Lady, or Anniseed-water Robin;
      Parsons Farewell; Nonesuch
John Playford - Neo-Celtic Harp
14. The Royal Dream
Anonymous, arr. S. Milligan - Triple Harp
15. Winter has Come
Anonymous, arr. S. Milligan - Triple Harp
16. Maid from the Parish of Penderyn
Anonymous, arr. L. Lipkis - Triple Harp
17. All Through the Night
Anonymous - Pedal Harp
18. The Ash Grove
Anonymous, arr. S. Milligan - Triple Harp
19. David of the White Rock
Anonymous - Pedal Harp