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The Faerie Isles - Carol Thompson

$14.95 - OUT OF STOCK

A collection of favorites from Carol Thompson's first three releases:
The Enchanted Isles, Carolan's Welcome and The Peacock's Feather

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1. Bonny Portmore/Fanny Power
Trad. Irish/T. O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
2. Blind Mary
O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
3. The Peacock's Feather/The Parting Glass
Traditional Irish - Neo-Celtic Harp
4. The Minstrel's Adieu
J. Thomas - Triple Harp
5. King of the Fairies
Traditional Irish - Neo-Celtic Harp
6. Lord Mayo
David Murphy - Neo-Celtic Harp
7. Irish Lullaby
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
8. Hugh O'Donnell
T. O'Carolan - Neo-Celtic Harp
9. Brian Boru's March
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
10. All Through the Night
Anonymous - Pedal Harp
11. Carolan's Welcome
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
12. Jimmy's Return
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
13. The Blossom of the Raspberry
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
14. Black Rosebud
Anonymous - Triple Harp
15. Home Ruler
Anon. - Neo-Celtic Harp (with Darcy Fair, Harp)
16. She Moves Through the Fair
Anonymous - Triple Harp
17. Gentle Annie
Anonymous - Neo-Celtic Harp
18. O'Carolan's Farewell to Music
Anon. - Triple Harp (with Jack Coen, Wooden Flute)