Randolph County North Carolina

Dr. Marilyn Wienand
Harpist Misenheimer, North Carolina
Dr. Marilyn Wienand is a professional harpist, playing for weddings, parties, church services
and concerts.  Her web site is www.deerhollow.com.  She also directs a group called
"The Merry Minstrels" for the Medieval or Renaissance theme wedding, and performs
frequently with a soprano sax and harp duo.  In 1994 she and her husband, Karl Wienand
formed the publishing company "Deer Hollow Music."  They offer lovely harp music
for the therapeutic harpist, hymn arrangements, harp and organ duets and music for two harps.
The music of Karl Wienand and Marianna Nystrom are featured in the Deer Hollow Music catalog.
 www.deerhollow.com.  Telephone for bookings or orders (888) 523-7059.

Prentiss Elisabeth Kendall
Harpist Greenville, South Carolina
Harp Music for All Occasions!
Please contact me for a free consultation.
864-292-6000 or 864-884-5661

Erin Knight
Harpist Greenville, South Carolina
Erin Knight has been performing professionally in the Upstate and surrounding areas for over ten years.  She has provided elegant music for countless wedding, special events, charity dinners, funerals, church events, and orchestra concerts.  Ms. Knight holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from Furman University.  She also studied music at the SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities and the Accademia dell'Arts in Arezzo, Italy.  Ms. Knight would love the opportunity to provide that special touch to your next event! erintknight@gmail.com

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