Lincoln County Nevada

Wendy Blánc
Harpist — Henderson, Nevada
The rare combination of beauty, talent, sophistication and charm has rapidly made Wendy Blánc one
of the most sought after performers in and around the New York area.
Now Ms. Blánc's talents can be appreciated in the "Las Vegas Valley."  Engagements at several
of the more elegant Manhattan supper clubs have established Ms. Blánc as one of the best of the
new generations of club entertainers.  Her voice, the vibration of her strings and the vision
of her seated at her harp creates an enchanting ambiance not easily forgotten.
Ms. Blánc's much applauded repertoire includes a variety of different types of music such as
standards, ballads, jazz, show tunes and classical.  To each rendition she adds a particular grace,
a hypnotic charm. A native New Yorker, Wendy Blánc has recorded several commercials and made
 innumerable private appearances for many "notables" in the metropolitan area since embarking
 on her professional career.  She "christened" the VIP room at the Playboy Club in New York
with her virtuoso performance. Visit her website at
or email her at or call (702) 450-4224

Harpist — Los Angeles, California
 Hollienea, the harpist and vocalist, performs weddings, parties and all events.

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