Registering for "Find a Harpist" is a Three stage process.

Stage One

In the FIRST stage of the registration process you provide information about yourself.
In the
SECOND stage you register in the states and counties where you are willing to provide services.
In the
THIRD stage you complete the payment option.

Please go through all the steps in the order they are listed to assure complete accuracy.
Thank you!

1. Please enter your name below:

2. Please enter the City and State you live in below:

3. Please enter your e-mail address below:

4. In the box below, please enter the text that you want to appear in your Registry listing.
The description of your services is entirely up to you.
You are not obliged to provide a description but it is helpful.
You can treat this as an advertisement for your services or just a listing.
Please provide your most preferred form of contact information.
If you do not provide contact information in the text box
we will automatically provide the email address you listed in step

The text should be no more than 100 words long.

(100 words will fill this box without scrolling)

5.  Now please click ONCE on the Submit button.
You may have to wait for about 30 seconds for the next page to load.