The Harp Mall Find a Harpist Service Statement of Policy

Although our Find a Harpist Service provides listings for every county in all 50 states we are not a national listing service. Our aim is to make it easy for potential clients to have access to harpists within reasonable travel distance to their event (no more than a 200 mile radius of your location). As such we function as a local and regional listing service. For this reason we limit listings to counties in your state of residence and in adjoining states only. (If you reside in more than one location, you will need a separate listing for each location.) We hope to provide a national and international listing service sometime in the future. However for now, those harpists who provide their services nationally will do better listing themselves with services that provide or specialize in national listings. Of course, they are more than welcome, if it suits their needs, to also list themselves with our current service on
a regional basis.

The listing order for Find a Harpist is determined first by your geographic location, second alphabetically by location, third alphabetically by name. That is, in your county of residence you will be listed ahead of everyone from outside the county. All harpists operating out of the same county will be listed alphabetically by their location in their home county. All harpists operating out of the same location will be listed alphabetically by last name in their home county. Harpists operating from outside the county will be listed by order of geographical distance from that particular county. The farther away you live from any particular county than other harpists listed in that county the lower the position of your listing in that particular county. For this reason we encourage registrants to limit their listings to counties they would reasonably consider servicing, since potential clients will generally first consider harpists that are closest to their event.

Any questions should be directed to

The HarpMall reserves the right to deny an application for listing on our service for any reason whatsoever